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supermodel darla baker

for the vid, we shot charlotte ronson’s clothes on the lovely darla baker.  here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the shots i took.  darla was crazy easy to work with.  the pictures are rad, but it wasn’t really anything i did.  ray charles on a pogo-stick could’ve taken a picture of her and it would have been friggin awesome.



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charlotte ronson is showcasing some of charlotte ronson’s designs in a video and spent a day shooting her.  after video was done, i took a few snaps of charlotte before i split out.  charlotte was a doll.  she was easy to shoot and was super nice.  after a quick shoot i went home and was looking through pictures when i google-lurked charlotte’s name.  before the shoot i knew a little about charlotte’s successes, but turns out that her whole dang family is successful.  charlotte’s got the fashion design world nailed down; her brother mark ronson, who was there (and is one of the fastest text-messagers i’ve ever seen) is a music superproducer/DJ; her twin sister samantha ronson is a successful DJ; and her half-sister annabelle dexter-jones is a model and has been the face of since the beginning.  her mom , ann dexter-jones, is a british socialite/writer; her dad , lawrence ronson, was a real-estate mogul, and her was a dad-in-law, mick jones, was a guitarist for foreigner.  but despite the fact that charlotte is dripping with success, she’s totally down to earth, makes cool clothes and seems like a rad person.


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elisa was the makeup artist on the charlotte ronson shoot and she was my stand-in for light tests.  here’s the lovely elisa:



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this was my second shoot with christine.  one of the shots from our first shoot is still hanging in my website and it’ll probably stay for a good while.   she has a good energy and it makes her really easy to shoot.  she likes grapes and likes to forget her shoes when she leaves.

hair by darren

a lil' somethin funky

a lil' somethin funky

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pic-a-pet slideshow and interview

UPDATE 20 oct 09

you’ll be missed, mr. madonna


this summer i was lookin all over for venus flytraps.  i made calls to plant stores, went to home depot and some other places, but nobody had any left.  so one day i was walking down broadway past dyckman st. (200th st) in manhattan and i saw an old, small plant/pet supply store called Pic-A-Pet.  see, i’m a sucker for small, privately owned stores; the older the better.   this store had weathered a few storms in it’s day and the guy sitting down just inside the door seemed to be in about the same condition.  when i asked him if he had any venus flytraps,  he said with a smile, “yeah, we got em for 9 bucks.”  so i picked up two plants.  i asked him if i could have a receipt and when we walked near the register that looked like it hadn’t been used since before i was born he looked around for his receipt book.  it was yellowed with age and when he handed it to me, i looked it over and it was receipt #42 from the 70’s.  i said, “don’t write many receipts, huh?”  and he started laughing.  his name was Mr. Tony Madonna – a life-long new yorker; a real genuine kind of guy with a heart of gold.  it’s funny how once i stopped in to ask about flytraps and  now i stop in whenever i’m near just to say howdy to my new friend.  his wrinkled face and callused hands have a few stories to tell and if you stop in, you just might get to hear a couple.

look at the date.  how cool is that?!

look at the date. how cool is that?!


Mr. Madonna

the register

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i was digging through my photo archives and came across this shot of carla, a rad model from dominican republic.  you ever start looking through old photos and find one that slipped through the cracks and you’re not really sure why it’s just been sitting there for so long?  hair and makeup by damian


here are a few more that i had already edited

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dasha is a friend of mine who is an artist.   everybody knows her as “darya,” but her real name is dasha, so that’s what i call her.  she’s super good at drawing  and painting and she asked me if she could draw me for a school project she was working on.  so in return i made her sit in front of my camera.  she’s not a full-time model, but she pulls it off like a pro.  check out her website HERE.  one of my favorites on her site is called “see no evil.” and her blog is HERE.

update:  she finished the drawing of me

dasha didn't like the way her boob "breaks up the angle from the shoulder to the knee."  she's basically saying she's mad because her boobs are awesome.  and that mostly confuses me.

dasha didn't like the way her boob "breaks up the angle from the shoulder to the knee." she's basically saying she's mad because her boobs are awesome. and that mostly confuses me.


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