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sam sam bo bam

as promised, here’s the second half of the hot couple.



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you know when bugs bunny took a wrong turn at albuquerque and ended up in the south pole with the abominable snowman guy?  well samantha probably felt the same way.  she was brand new to the city and got lost right out of the subway.  it was pretty cold out – like 36 and raining.  it wasn’t CRAZY cold to me, but it was cold enough.  turns out that samantha is from a really warm part of australia and she had never felt weather that cold in her life (36 is 2.2 celsius, for all of you metric system people.  i wish america would get on that metric system business soon.  when i was a kid, my teachers would always tell us that we’d be using the metric system when i was an adult.  whatever happened to that jive?).  the  poor girl was freezing so we took her inside, wrapped my puffy jacket around her and sat her next to the heater.  i think she was basically freezing throughout the whole shoot, but she never complained and made freezing look pretty.

hair and makeup by Tina Georgy

wardrobe by Athena Dugan

samantha @ Next


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anna anna bo banna

you know how sometimes you’re like, “that girl is mega hot, but her boy’s a little duchey” almost like you’re disappointed – but in reality if her boy was as hot as her you’d be a little pissed that they’re both hot.  well anna’s boy is just as hot as her and it almost makes you throw up a little because you’re like, “come on, man – that junk ain’t fair.”  i got some shots of her boy on the choppin block.  they’ll be up soon…


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chris cole is pretty much amazing at skateboarding

years and years ago, back when i was on fiveboro – we were doing a demo at a skatepark in philly and there was this guy there who was completely annihilating everything.  i was like, “yo, who is THAT?”  and somebody said, “that’s chris cole.”  i don’t think i’d ever seen anybody skate that consistently.  he was like a machine that was pre-programmed to get awesome.  that was probably 8 years ago?  i’ve ended up skating around him a few times since and it’s still the same story.  the dude’s dials go to 11.


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