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johnny knuckles

“hey kid, you wanna take pichas of me punchin metal?”

“bunchin metal?”

“nah, punchin!  punchin metal!  i’ve been punchin metal for 17 years.  i’ll punch that metal pole over there all day if you wanna take pichas!  you wanna?”

“yes i do.”


meet johnny knuckles.  mr. knuckles stumbled upon the art of metal punchery 17 years ago and the rest is history.  he’s got an addictive smile and speaks his thick brooklyn accent with excitement.  i’d be excited too if i was 75 years old and could still bang out more knuckle push-ups than most people a quarter of my age.  well, given the sickly and lethargic state of lazy-america these days, i guess that’s not saying much.  but even compared to the “healthy and energetic-america” standards of yonder-years, mr. knuckles is still holding his own.  he must’ve done 20 push ups while i was shooting him.  he even did some of the hard kind with the hands close together as his boombox was blazing some awesome 80’s jam that i promised myself i would remember but forgot.



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best biscuits in the entire world

i’ve never tasted a better biscuit.  ever.  when i’m at grandma’s for supper i always stop eating when i’m about half-full so i’ll have room enough for 3 or 4 of these bad boys, each with a big glob of homemade strawberry freezer jam.

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