HBO Latino Entre Nos Comedy Show 1 of 2



HBO Latino is doing a two-part comedy show called Entre Nos and i got to shoot the key art and promo pictures. the show was at the El Portal theater in LA and i set up shop in the lobby (but thanks to the fire marshal we ended up moving and building the set two more times). the comedians were all on point, and of course they turned it up when they got in front of the camera so they were super fun to shoot.


here are some vids HBO made with the pictures:

click HERE for eseway’s vid

click HERE for monica’s vid

click HERE for liss’ vid




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parhelic circles

i was in flagstaff, AZ shooting some of those purina ads you see a few entries ago when one of the local crew told me there was something cool happening in the sky and that i should shoot it. he mentioned some a circle of light and talked about arcs, the shape of ice crystals in the atmosphere, angles and light, and a whole bunch of other confusing things that i was nodding my head while listening to but was completely lost. i threw a 16-35mm lens on my camera at 16mm and quickly shot a panorama of the sky. it kind of got lost in the mix for a while, but i came across the photos, stitched them together, and emailed it to the flagstaff local who clued me in. he asked me to send it to a website called Atmospheric Optics, and they asked if they could use it in a “picture of the day.”

if you spend a few minutes cruising through the Atmospheric Optics website there are some incredible pictures of skyward phenomenon. makes me want to learn more about arcs, the shape of ice crystals in the atmosphere, and angles of light.


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victor manuelle

we shot victor manuelle in puerto rico and the dude is a total champ. i got nothin but good things to say about victor. he was the talent but he was just so chill and laid back that he almost seemed like part of the crew – a part of the crew who just so happened to be a salsa singing legend.




me and victor. such a cool dude.

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bees knees

one time a bee landed on my glasses and crawled around until he was smack in-between the middle of my lens and my eyeball. he was busy looking for pollen and i was busy trying not to flench because he was tickling my eyelashes. after finding my spectacles pollen-free he flew out of my life and that was the last i’ve known of my friend. here’s to you, little buddy.

i snapped this friendly fella recently and i liked it. so now you get to see it.


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purina update

here’s an update on some ads i shot for purina. this is probably my favorite of the series yet.



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it’s electric, boogie woogie, woogie

i snuck down to my hometown beach, Topsail (pronounced Tops’l) Beach, where i hung with family for a spell. there was an awesome lightning storm passing through one night and i grabbed my camera to snap a couple frames.

topsail_lightening_1 topsail_lightening_2 topsail_lightening_3

i came back inside and sat for a while and as the storm moved on through i set up a little time lapse. it wasn’t fully thought through. i should have done it from the very beginning, and there are a couple glitches where i had to make some adjustments – but ease up on me, dude – it was late and i was on vacation. gosh.


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hbo latino habla y vota

i recently shot some noteworthy latino crew for HBO latino’s “Habla y Vota.” you can find the original posts on their Facebook page:…

hbohabla-1Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.27.12 PM

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milkshakes and dog chow

i love milkshakes. when i’m home i never really get them enough so when i travel for jobs all that pent-up milkshake tension gets to me and i go berserk. when i’m on the road i always get one a day. sometimes two. occasionally i’ll get one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. those days are my favorite. this job was 2 weeks worth of milkshakes in PA, IA, and AZ – that’s an awful lot of milkshakey goodness.


steve holm was on D-cam grabbing some fancy BTS shots

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Maidenform stop motion

little stop motion i shot for maidenform

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raquel sofia

she started as a backup singer for shakira and jean carlos canela but the limelight loved her too much for her to play second fiddle. raquel eventually signed with sony music, was featured in commercials, and was nominated for Best New Artist for the latin grammies. she’s got a great voice and a face to match. watch out for this one…


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