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james gandolfini puts a hit out on cancer

sopranos star james gandolfini is a huge supporter of The OctoberWoman Foundation – a foundation for breast cancer research.  brianna commerford (who is super energetic, full of life and totally hilarious) is a childhood cancer surviver and ambassador of Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.  The OctoberWoman Foundation is teaming up with Hope and Heros for a benefit called Celebration of Hope to raise money for Hope and Heros.  for info on the Celebration of Hope event go HERE or to donate to the cause go HERE.  thanks to mr. gandolfini for being so cool and so dedicated to The OctoberWoman Foundation – and thanks to brianna commerford for being such an energetic, cheerful ball of awesome.

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freeze in the keys

remember how florida is supposed to be some tropical paradise of warmth?  well i made my escape from winter-stricken nyc to the southland for some respite and got nothin.  it was freezing.  it was that weird cold streak a few months back.  it was so cold that all of the fish were dying.  thousands of fish were washed up on the shore.  along with the fish, i saw dead shrimp, dead lobster, dead octopus, dead crabs and a 3 foot dead shark.  they just couldn’t take it.  i even saw a dead iguana.  turns out that they get so cold and can’t move, so the iguanas that live in trees fall.  and it was a precarious time for iguanas who own waterfront property – because those suckers plop right into the water and float on into an endless sea from whence no iguana returneth.  i had a guy there tell me that he collects the floating iguanas and sets them by his heater.  when they warm up, they’re good as new.  heather acted like she wasn’t surrounded by death and decay long enough to pose for a few pictures.  try not to imagine the rotting marine life all around her, and these pictures seem kinda nice.

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katherine villari – hotter than miami

sometimes i talk to myself while i’m shooting.  like, i’ll mumble stuff about my camera settings and whatever.  but not only is katherine an amazing model, she’s also handy with the camera and knew exactly what i was mumbling about, so i had to be on my toes not to mumble too much – or if i did, i had to make sure it wasn’t anything dumb.  she totally killed it – and then after our shoot, she broke out her cammy and made me model for her.  that was a first.  check out my debut below.  you can see more pictures of katherine, her photography and her writings on her website at

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