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caroline in ft. lauderdale

whilst caroline and i were shooting in ft. lauderdale we met a guy named kevin. he looked like jeff goldblum and was an auto mechanic genius. the guy was just happy about life and about what he was doing. he just seemed happy. he wasn’t a movie star, he wasn’t mega-rich – but he was happy. i told caroline that in my mind that guy won at life. seems like i get so caught up in trying to constantly progress that after my accomplishments i never really take time to be content with what i’ve done. and while my relentless pursuit of doing bigger and better things will never stop – it’s nice to have things put into perspective every now and again. even though i’m looking into the future, i can still be happy with the present. thanks, kevin goldblum.

caroline has good reason to be happy. she’s not only smart as a whip, but she’s fairly easy to look at. you can see more of caroline HERE.


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comedian colin kane

if you walk into your office and make fun of someone or blurt out something totally rotten – chances are you’ll get fired.  when colin kane does it – he gets paid.  the dude’s funny, he’s handsome, he’s got his own show at caroline’s, one of nyc best comedy clubs, and he’s my friend.  check out colin’s dark and twisted brain at his website, on twitter or at his show at caroline’s comedy club “wrong side of the head” every tuesday @ 9:30pm.  you might wanna leave grandma and the kids at home.


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