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interview with joseph abboud for black brown 1826

a video i shot and edited of designer joseph abboud, the creative director for lord and taylor’s black brown 1826.


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fashion designer thuy diep

thuy (pronounced “twee”) was born into a family in vietnam who ran a custom-made clothing shop and a tailoring school.  she learned the ropes of tailoring as a kid and soon developed a love for fashion.  now, in america, she continues the family tradition of finely-crafted clothes and expresses her love of fashion through her label “Thuy.”  i recently shot thuy for the fall issue of YRB magazine and here are some of my favorite outtakes.


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charlotte ronson is showcasing some of charlotte ronson’s designs in a video and spent a day shooting her.  after video was done, i took a few snaps of charlotte before i split out.  charlotte was a doll.  she was easy to shoot and was super nice.  after a quick shoot i went home and was looking through pictures when i google-lurked charlotte’s name.  before the shoot i knew a little about charlotte’s successes, but turns out that her whole dang family is successful.  charlotte’s got the fashion design world nailed down; her brother mark ronson, who was there (and is one of the fastest text-messagers i’ve ever seen) is a music superproducer/DJ; her twin sister samantha ronson is a successful DJ; and her half-sister annabelle dexter-jones is a model and has been the face of since the beginning.  her mom , ann dexter-jones, is a british socialite/writer; her dad , lawrence ronson, was a real-estate mogul, and her was a dad-in-law, mick jones, was a guitarist for foreigner.  but despite the fact that charlotte is dripping with success, she’s totally down to earth, makes cool clothes and seems like a rad person.


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