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my hood #6

here are a few pictures i snapped last saturday

this is beautiful. i friggin love everything about it. i love what's happening. i love where it's happening. i love the backwards/inside-out dress. i love that they let me take the picture. i love it all.

how basketball was born

by the look of that window, i guess they've played here before


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krissy drier in the rain

so we’re up on the roof taking shots in the rain.  it’s cold and dreary but everything looks awesome.  after i think we got the goods and before she’s about to freeze to death in that itty bitty dress, i call it a wrap.  we head back to the door and pull it.  nope.  pull it again – notta.  that sucker was locked up tight.  so here we are on the roof, it’s cold, raining and krissy is nearly naked.  i spot some ladies smoking way over on the roof of the building next to us and i’m yelling over to them, “hey!  help!  we’re locked on the roof!!” and they don’t budge.  they yell something back, but i couldn’t hear em.  i try to get them to come over to me, but they just wave their hands and go back inside.  so i hand over my umbrella and camera and start climbing down the rusty fire escape.  i make it all the way to the bottom and go back through the front door and take the elevator back up.  but by the time i got there, the nice ladies had come to krissy’s rescue.  thanks, nice ladies.

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