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yoga and belly dancing

i got a voicemail from erin the night before we were supposed to shoot saying, “i’m having contractions today and i’m in a little pain, so i’m not sure how it’s going to work out for tomorrow…”  that was kinda scary.  but she ended up feeling better and we got some nice pictures.  but dude, that baby was ready to come out.  it was kinda rad because she was really still and it was pretty quiet on set, but she had a fully grown bundle of joy in her belly doing the Carlton Banks.


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goat puke

this stinky bunch of rascals is my niece and nephews.  they’re all fueled by goat milk.  it’s pretty tolerable to get puked on by babies, but not if they’ve been drinkin goat milk.  one day one of em hacked up on the bottom of my jeans, and i kind of ignored it.  a few hours later i was like, “dude, WHAT is that SMELL?” and i couldn’t figure it out.  every now and then i’d get a whiff of a smell that would almost curl my toenails, and i kept looking around to try and find it.  another hour or so later, in some golden glance of inspiration, my eyes got big like quarters and i sat up straight and thought, “oh, no – my jeans.”  i bent down to take a whiff and it was like a mangy, wet goat found it’s way to my legs about three weeks earlier, got nice and comfy, curled up and died.  that stuff could make a vulture gag.

we say grace, we say ma’am – if you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn

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baby baby baby

this lil one was not having a good day, but i managed to snag a couple good shots in between the freak-outs.


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babies babies babies

so my brother just had a kid, and my sister has adopted about 30 kids in the last year (2 of which are newborns) – so i rolled down to the southland on the 4th of july to snap some newborn pictures.  sorry i didn’t call anybody when i was there.  it was a stealth mission.  don’t hate.

nom nom nom nom nom

nom nom nom nom nom

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my friend’s cute baby, ainsley


this is ainsley just a few days after she was born in may of 08

here she is at 8 months

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